Part 3

How to avoid sounding like a sales model

I have used and trained people in a lot of different sales models, SPIN, AIDA, DIPADA and PANDA to name just a few and they can be really useful frame works, but if they are used in the wrong way they can be really manipulative and pushy. So below top tips on how to avoid sounding like a sales model and making sure that you get results for your customer and you, as well as build a trusting relationship.

  • Let go of your agenda – I know you have agenda to sell but let go of that and instead find out from the customer what is important to them. What are their goals and objectives, what is important right now and what are their challenges. Let go of trying to find the pain (I really hate that saying by the way) instead focus on being curious and genuinely interested.
  • Listen to understand and not to respond – This is really important, if I so much as get a sniff that a sales person is only listening to me so they can use what I am saying to lead me somewhere I’m done. Of course I know they are there to do business but I want a partner not sales rep.
  • Don’t just sell them anything to get a sale –If its not right for them don’t sell it, tell them that you cant help them this time, suggest the competition if its right, you will be amazed at how they respect you for it.
  • Challenge them if they are wrong – The customer is not always right but they are always the customer, so its ok to disagree and challenge but do it with respect. Hear what they have to say, find out more about why they think it and put your case forward in a positive way, using real examples and bring this to life by telling the story. A customer does not want a partner that agrees with everything they say, what is the point?
  • Delivery on what you promise –Don’t make false promises or over sell, and always follow up on what has been agreed. Go the extra mile and do it quicker than expected or do more than expected, it goes a long way to improving your emotional bank account.

Just working on the 5 points above will differentiate you as a trusted advisor and not a pushy sales person on their own agenda.