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Welcome to the Dramatic Training Solutions blog.  We have a range of articles for both Learning & Development Managers as well as for Self Directed Learners & Participants.

5 ways to evaluate staff training results

Booking the right training company and having them deliver great training is only half of the story. To ensure the training is successfully embedded and to help with further decisions around training activities evaluation is essential. Here are 5 easy and reliable...

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Introduction to drama as part of experiential training

Changing behaviour through training is extremely hard, it’s so much easier to develop tangible skills and it’s easier to measure results. But in our new world we need to find ways to make this sort of learning stick as we prepare our work force to be competitive with...

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Turns out that soft skills aren’t so soft after all

There is no doubt the world is changing fast and with more and more talk about AI and the impact it will have on the work place so its time to look at how you can equip yourself to be part of the work force of the future and not only survive but thrive. Currently, in...

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It’s time to refocus on soft skills

There is so much talk about our schools not teaching our children the right skills in a world where technology and AI will replace 20% of the jobs by 2030. But what are L and D doing to equip the current workforce to not only survive but excel in the new world? For me...

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Top Tips for Awesome Customer Service – Part One

Nobody likes being told no. A ‘no’ means rejection. A ‘no’ means we don’t get what we want. Hearing ‘no’ as a kid was tantamount to the end of life, and there’s a good chance most of us still hate hearing it as adults. For customer service people, saying ‘no’ to...

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What to look for when booking a sales training company

Investing in sales training to improve selling skills is one of the most important decisions any sales manager can make. But what’s the best way to find a sales training company that will get you great results? Here are seven key areas to consider as you evaluate...

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