Groundhog Day is one of my favourite films and its on most Christmases (this one was no exception) What a fantastic opportunity to be able to take a day and live it so many times that you learn what to change to make it perfect and understand what works and what doesn’t based on people’s reactions and the impact that you have.

In our training workshops, we have a little bit of our own Groundhog Day going on in our forum theatre activities!

What is forum theatre?

A difficult situation or dilemma is performed live by our actors for the learners to experience first-hand. The learners then have the opportunity to change the behaviour of one of the characters in the scene, to try to get a better outcome or to solve the dilemma, using skills that they have learned during the session. This allows theoretical learning to be put into practice in a safe environment. It explores different tactics and allows possible outcomes to be compared.

During each session, the delegates can interview the characters so that they can discover the things that are driving their behaviour. It is one of the most powerful drama based training techniques and can be used to great effect in communication skills training, leadership training, customer service training and much, much more.

Values of Forum Theatre

  • Provides a safe environment for changing roles (trying different shoes)
  • Creates a sense of empathy between people in different opinion groups
  • Offers different a kind of learning that is dynamic and fun
  • Create learning opportunities
  • Gives voice to those who don’t have one or can’t defend themselves
  • Can influence decision makers
  • Audience participation and plurality of voices
  • Let’s one’s opinions to be staged out theatrically and observe “itself”
  • Facilitation of complex issues such as challenging conversations, diversity issues, and feedback
  • Imaginative and engaging experience

If you have a need for this very powerful intervention in a workshop, please talk to us we will be happy to help you even if you don’t want to use our services, no strings attached honest!