The exercise below is a great way to start a team building day or an away day. It gives the team a chance to review who they are and to understand their “why”. Answering the 8 questions will give them the energy they need to succeed. This can then be used as a way of reviewing their performance at future sessions. Why not have a workshop artist capture the answers in a pictorial journey the team can keep as a reminder.


This model of High-Energy Teams, outlines eight questions that your team must answer in order to have enough energy to perform successfully together.

The questions will help to give you a clear idea of your team’s purpose, progress and direction. As a team, ask yourself these questions on a regular, ongoing basis to ensure that you maintain an effective level of team performance.

    1. Who are we?


    1. Where are we now?


    1. Where are we going?


  1. How will we get there?
  2. What is expected of us?
  3. What support do we need?
  4. How effective are we?
  5. What recognition do we get?

Who are we?
The nature of effective team working means that each member will contribute a different set of strengths and weaknesses towards the final objective. Understanding how other members of your team work will help you, as a team, to optimise performance when faced with challenging situations.

Where are we now?
It is critical for you as a team member to know where you are at the beginning of a project and at specific points during it. This may only require an informal discussion with other team members about your team’s progress to date and about what still needs to be done to achieve your objectives.

You may find it useful to conduct a SWOT analysis, which involves writing down the current Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your team, in order to assess what stage your team is at now.

Where are we going?
For any type of team to perform effectively, your team must initially agree on a clear, elevating goal.

How will we get there?
It is also important to set objectives and decide on action plans and methods of measuring your performance as a team.

What is expected of us?
Ensure that each of you knows what is expected of you and agree on everybody’s individual responsibilities for achieving the team goals.

How effective are we?
A successful team regularly stops to critically assess its effectiveness and search for ways in which it can improve performance. You may wish to benchmark on a regular basis certain key procedures against those of other teams.

What support do we need?
External support, in the form of training and resources, may also be required for your team to achieve success. Ensure that your team plans for any external resources that will need to be organised and highlight any training needs you may have to your team leader.

What recognition do we get?
Recognition is an essential ingredient for helping team members achieve their goal. Be supportive of your team colleagues, recognise their key strengths and give positive feedback when something goes well.