As a specialist soft skills training company we love working with Stena ferries because they are passionate about giving their customer’s the best experience and recognise it’s an emotional journey where little things make a massive difference. They have introduced 5 key service promises, which are focused on giving the customer an authentic human experience.

  • Responsible
  • Caring
  • Welcoming
  • Helpful
  • Knowledgeable

These 5 service promises are at the core of everything they do, on and off board. They are simple, practical and real and all the staff and crew can relate to them. They are also passionate about developing their people and because they want to inspire them develop genuine conscious human skills they decided to train and develop them in a very human way – face to face in a dynamic and different training programme to refresh these service promises and keep them alive, not because their staff are not doing well but because they are doing well. Sometimes it is harder to maintain excellent service standards than it is to make improvements. We were delighted to be asked to work with them on this project and the key requirements were: –

  1. Inspire staff to keep up the good work and help them to share best practice.
  2. Bring the service promises to life in a dynamic and fun way that means the learning sticks.
  3. Deliver a motivational and enjoyable experience with an important message.
  4. Develop conscious human skills, which means more real connection with the customer.

After spending time with key stake holders, travelling on the ferries and talking to staff we created a ½ day workshop using 3 actors showing the journey of passenger’s “Carol” and “John” (played by our actors Gregg and Sheila) new to travelling on ferries. Carol and John met Stena representatives at each stage of the journey from security to eating in the Taste Restaurant and all of this with just 3 actors! The audience were able to help coach and give feedback to the Stena character at various different stages, it was great to see them empathising with him as well as being critical of his attitude and delivery of the service promises. This gave them a safe way to try different approaches and see their advice being played out – powerful stuff!

These ½ day sessions were delivered in Belfast, Scotland and Liverpool over a three-week period, participants found the sessions “hilarious”, “thought provoking” and “challenging”. Stena staff and crew were a pleasure to work with, even though some of them attended straight off a 7/14-day stint on the ferries, or gave up their rest day. To follow this up Stena also commissioned us to make 22 short videos all filmed on board so they could reinforce the message with their current staff as well as induct new ones and their seasonal temps

It’s clear why the company has weathered the storms (excuse the pun) of increased competition, economic downturns and increased fuel costs, its because they put the customer and their own people at the heart of the business and it’s plain to see in the smiles on the faces when you take a Stena ferry, we are proud to be a partner to such a trusted brand.