So how do you know which are the best energisers for your event and for your group? There are a number of factors that will help to steer you in the right direction. Firstly take a look at your numbers, how many people are going to take part and think about how this can affect the logistics of any energiser you have consider.

What do you want to achieve from using one? Do you want to ensure that they are awake? If that’s your main objective then plan carefully the timing, perhaps after lunch may be the optimum time for it. If it’s to grab delegates attention and to get them communicating with each other, then you need to look at using it early on at your conference or event.

Think carefully about your workshop objectives, any themes or keywords that you are communicating to your delegates and see if you can tie them into your energiser. There are many different types of energisers that can illustrate communication, back to basics or working with limited resources.

Try this one its one of my favourites and look out for more next month.

Zip, Zap, Bong

A really great exercise for focus and listening and its great fun.

  • Ask participants to stand in a circle; they need to have an energy zapper.
  • Tell them you are going to pass energy around the group, using the word zip, they can zip to the right or zip to the left but they cannot zip across.
  • There is only one source of energy and you can only pass it on if it has been sent to you but you can choose which direction.
  • The zip must be sent with energy enthusiasm and eye contact, make a big deal of this otherwise it won’t energise!
  • Pass the zip around for a couple of minutes until you think they have got the idea.
  • Then stop the game and introduce the Zap, which can be sent across the circle, tell them that the zip still remains but they can now zap across. Play they game with the zip and the zap until they have got the hang of it but maintaining maximum energy.
  • Stop the game after a couple of minutes and then introduce the BONG! Which is a force field to bounce back the energy to the person that sent it. They have to put both hands up in front of them when they bong! They can zip a zip and zap a zap but they cannot bong a bong. Play the game for a couple of minutes using all three and the stop the game and say that it is now a competition. If the zip when they should be zapping or zap when they should be zipping or hesitate in any way they are out.

Play the game competitively being sure to tell participants that they are out if they do any of the above, when there are only two people left end the game as they are the winners.