Team Building

Workshop title: Team Building

2-day workshop – 2 performance facilitators

Who is it for: – All team members

Number of participants – Max 15 (can be increased with extra resource)

Pre-work: – Participants will be asked to fill in an online strengths finder questionnaire before the event

Course overview: – This is on an individual basis as well as the team as a whole. This work shop will focus on creating a team that can communicate and sort out any differences as well as having more understanding and appreciation of each other. The day will be interactive and fun using a combination of actor scenarios, discussion groups and team building activities.

Learning outcomes: –

  • Have more self-awareness of themselves and others
  • Understand their impact on others
  • Have more appreciation of each other’s differences
  • Be aware of the team’s strengths
  • Improved confidence
  • More understanding of others team roles and strengths
  • A set of guide lines and values for each team within the team
  • Improved relationships with team members
  • Have fun and break down barriers
  • A more supportive team
  • Improved communication
  • Less passive aggressive behaviour
  • More confidence with dealing with difficult situations and complaints
  • More collaboration and win-win
  • Better job satisfaction
  • Improved results
  • Improved confidence

Post workshop to embed learning: All participants will take part in an e coaching program for 6 weeks after the workshop. This will consist of on the job exercises and suggested self-directed learning to ensure maximum retention of learning

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